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Seven Ways To Make Money

How many people do you know who need to lose weight, make more money, or both?  Using our amazing products, there may also be an opportunity to make some additional income selling these products to people you know or meet.  Does that sound like something that would be of interest to you?  If so, I want to invite you to become a Nexagen USA distributor.  Let me tell you more about this wonderful company.  

First, there are seven different ways to make money.  The first is...

  1. Immediate Retail Profit - Nexagen distributors keep the difference between the company's wholesale price and retail price when selling any Nexagen USA products to an end user.  Retail profit is also paid weekly for sales received through a distributor's official Nexagen USA web site.  As much as a 100% mark up on some products.
  2. Authorized Dealer Program - This allows the distributor to profit from providing wholesale products to retail establishments such as salons, fitness centers, and spas.   The retailer makes a retail profit, and the Nexagen USA distributor earns a wholesale profit and BV.
  3. Fast Start Commissions - Distributors earn a $20 - $30 bonus whenever they enroll a new distributor.
  4. Mentor Bonus - A $50- bonus is paid to you if a new, personally enrolled distributor becomes qualified for cycle bonuses (enroll two of their own distributors) within 7 days.
  5. Organizational Commission (Cycle Bonus) - Weekly bonuses determined by the Business Volume (BV) generated by every level below you in your organization. 
  6. Leadership Bonus - A bonus of $5 per month is paid every month for every Autoship order that comes from every level below you in your organization.
  7. Preferred Customer Program - Retail customers can become part of a Preferred Customer program and receive automatic monthly shipment of Nexagen USA products at deeply discounted prices.  The distributor receives the wholesale to retail profit, plus BV.




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