As announced at the event in Munich on Saturday, September 8th, all Nexagen USA and NexEurope Distributors have been given an even greater opportunity to maximize their income potential through the newly-improved NexGeneration Compensation Plan! With the additions to the plan announced at the Munich conference, along with other exciting operational improvements, Distributors have more income potential than ever!

The enhancements included in the NexGeneration Compensation Plan have been specifically designed to create more income opportunity for all Distributors, while attracting more potential recruits to the business. All Distributors know that the Compensation Plan is one of the principle elements that enables them recruit new leads into their business, and we know that the plan must be updated to ensure that it remains the most innovative and lucrative in the industry. It is because of this that Nexagen is introducing to all of its' Distributors these exciting upgrades! Among the key improvements are the addition of Direct Sales Bonuses, along with the Guaranteed Cycle Amount of $125 per cycle!

The Direct Sales Bonus is paid for retail product commissions associated with the sale of Enrollment packages, and goes to the direct sponsor of all new Distributors upon enrollment. When the sponsoring Distributor is enrolled as Leadership, they will be paid $100 for every new Leadership Enrollment, and $50 for every new Basic Enrollment! When the sponsoring Distributor is enrolled as Basic, they will be paid $50 for every new Leadership Enrollment, and $25 for every new Basic Enrollment! This program has been designed specifically to pay big bonuses for one of the most important processes in building the business-enrolling new Distributors with Leadership packages! Not only do you have direct control over this bonus, but the payout is great as well!

The Guaranteed Cycle Amount of $125 per cycle means that your income from organizational commissions is predictably improving as your number of cycles increases! Unlike the former cycle amount, which experienced fluctuations based on the total Business Volume in the entire organization, the guaranteed cycle amount always stays the same! Simply put, the Guaranteed Cycle amount rids Distributors of the uncertainty of a variable cycle amount, and enables you to have greater control over the money you earn from organizational commissions! So, to figure out your organizational commission payout, simply watch your cycle count increase each week and multiply the total number of cycles by the Guaranteed Cycle Amount! You can just build your business, and watch your income grow-and at $125 per cycle, it will grow faster than ever before!

The Successful Start Program, a new way to treat Unqualified Distributor Cycles, gives all new Distributors upon enrollment a single 30-day window of time to become qualified. During this window, business volume (BV) in that Unqualified Distributor's business center will be ignored by the payroll program, and will continue to accumulate. If the Distributor becomes qualified anytime during that 30 days, accumulated BV will be used to cycle and the Distributor will earn the appropriate organizational commission. This program gives new Distributors the maximum BV earnings, while getting qualified-and it provides a goal for Sponsoring Distributors to motivate new recruits to become qualified within 30 days.

The NexGeneration Compensation Plan will take effect on Monday, September 10th, at which time a full description of the plan will be available in your back office.

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